50 Elegant Vintage Living Room Design Ideas

There are some people still like the design of vintage living room, because it’s not just because it looks elegant, but also provide a memory of past stories. There are times when vintage design is misinterpreted to be shabby chic, they may have things in common but there are major differences that we will be able to decipher when you get to take a double look on the said styles above.

Style that is displayed in the vintage living room design is similar to the concept of retro, which are displayed in the style of old items, such as excessive use of fabric, as well as the use of classic style furniture.

In the particular design, in addition to excessive fabric, they also put a large picture frame in one corner of the living room, which usually contains paintings and contemporary style.

Iridescence also gives a touch of vintage style living room, trying applied to the curtain and sofa. The use of the traditional lamp at the corner of the living room adds to the impression of elegance at a certain point.

For floor coverings, though not a focal point but also provide its own nuances. Carpet wool with natural colors such as pale white and beige can be selected. Even in the collection shown below there is put a layer of floor coverings again at the bottom of the table.

Anyways, take a look at the photos we have below to see the Vintage Living Room we have collected for you.