Bruce Fred Roger Guy

“FINAL APPROACH” was formed in June of 2002. Our name is an aeronautical term which refers to the last leg of a successful flight. When we chose that name, we were optimistic, and still are, that our quartet would be a successful one.

BRUCE BEYER – tenor, is our chorus director. In his free time, this Sheboygan resident is a meat cutter for a large grocery store chain. FRED GRASKAMP – Lead singer for the quartet is also the treasurer for the chorus. Besides his barbershop involvment, he enjoys woodworking and golf in his spare time. Fred and his wife Karen have two married daughters and two grandsons. Fred is a Controller (Accountant) by trade. ROGER ZIMMERMAN – bass, is a retired oral maxillofacial surgeon, which means all of his time is free time. He is a pilot, therefore, some of his free time is spent flying, and that also helps explain the quartet name. GUY RICE – baritone, is the one with all the talent. He was a solo performer for years, singing to his own guitar playing. Also talented with a brush, he is a very creative sign painter. He has no free time!!!.