Louie Bill Ron Dave

What in the “TARNATION!!!” We all remember that old exclamation that our elders used to express when they were surprised, shocked,or just plain flabbergasted. Well, that’s the kind of impression we wanted to convey with our singing when we chose the name “TARNATION.” Some of our friends describe it as “in your face” barbershop. We’ve been entertaining in and around the Sheboygan area for ten years, undergoing a personal change about four years ago.

The members of “TARNATION” are, singing bass, RON MCGETTRICK, an engineer at the Vollrath Co, singing lead, BILL WETZEL, a fifth-grade teacher at Howards Grove, singing tenor, LOU JAEGER, a retired electrician, and singing baritone, DAVE BECKER, who runs the Greenbush Trading Post garage.