What Is Epoxy Flooring

Not everyone has heard about epoxy flooring. Those who are a little familiar with this flooring system tend to be confused about it. If you’re one of those folks, it’s best to contact Epoxy Floors new York City to handle all of your flooring needs. In the meantime, if you want to gain a better understanding of this type of flooring solution, take a look at these answers to the most common questions people ask about this flooring option.

What Exactly is Epoxy Flooring?

Over the years, epoxy floors have become one of the most popular flooring systems for both residential and commercial spaces. Its application involves a process of preparing and smoothing out a concrete floor before mixing the epoxy resin and the hardening chemicals. Once both components are mixed together, the mixture is poured onto the concrete surface. A chemical reaction takes place as the compound is allowed to sit for a few days.

Once it hardens into a hard, plastic floor, the professional installer applies the second or third layer. It’s important to note that the process of turning liquid into solid is what makes this flooring system durable, strong, and resistant to heavy traffic, stains, chemicals, heat, shock, and other harmful elements. Although epoxy floors are widely used in schools, hospitals, warehouses, and manufacturing sites, they can equally be useful for your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, patio, and garages.read more about how to turn liquid to solid by clicking here

What are the Advantages of Using Epoxy Flooring?

When it comes to offered benefits, epoxy floors are second to none. Aside from the fact that the cost of its installation and materials makes it an easy investment, this flooring system is also very easy to clean and maintain. The reason why an epoxy is a popular option for areas heavy abuse is constant is because of its ability to consistently withstand exposure to heavy traffic, stains, chemical spills, flooding, heat, and shock.


What Is Epoxy Flooring

Furthermore, more and more homeowners use this flooring solution because of its versatility in terms of design. Epoxy floors allow you to instantly brighten up your daily living spaces with vibrant colors, three-dimensional illustrations, floor vectors, graphic patterns or swirls that can turn your floors into personalized works of art.

Is There a Difference Between Epoxy and Epoxy Resin?

To completely understand the difference between both products, it’s extremely important to dispel certain misconceptions about them. When we talk about epoxy, we’re referring to a specific ingredient that can be a component of several products.

While epoxy makes up epoxy flooring, epoxy is also used by epoxy resin. In some cases, epoxy resin can also become a part of an epoxy flooring process where it starts as a liquid before it becomes an extremely hard plastic coating when it sets. Furthermore, it can also be used to seal in any concrete surface in order to give it a stronger and shinier finish. In a nutshell, although there may be differences between epoxy and epoxy resin, these are anything but major. If you’re not too sure about the product that suits your flooring needs, you can always consult the epoxy floor experts for more information about each of them. The more you find out about each option, the easier it will be for you to make a wise decision.